Baterija akumulatorska 12V 26 Ah 166x175x125mm Fiamm 12FLB100P

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    Fiamm je međunarodna kompanija specijalizirana za električne uređaje. Osnovana je 1942. godine u Italiji. Fiamm je renomirani proizvođač akumulatorskih baterija. Chipoteka vam nudi razne akumulatorske baterije marke Fiamm.

  • OPIS

    The Fiamm 12FLB100 VRLA battery, ideal for a wide range of standby applications, including UPS & Emergency Lighting.

    Designed to provide a ‘high energy density’ footprint, the Fiamm 12FLB100 makes sure minimal space is required when installed into cabinets or racks.
    This makes sure the installation space required is as efficient as possible, essential in data rooms where space is at a premium.
    The FLB range offers excellent service life and can be relied on to provide essential standby power for many years,
    offering a 10 year design life to ensure operation in service is optimal.

    Features such as ABS flame retardant cases, insert terminals offering a simple ‘one tool only’ requirement, and new labels offering
    useful product information including correct torque values for each individual product are all as standard for the Fiamm FLB range.
    It is clear as to why the Fiamm FLB range has become one of the industries most popular VRLA battery choices for OEM’s, installers and system designers.