OEHLBACH kabel Crystal Silver Star 2x2,5m banana solution

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    Oehlbach je kompanija specijalizirana za elektroničku dodatnu opremu. Osnovana je 1974. godine u Njemačkoj. 2007. godine Oelbach je postao podružnicom kompanije Audiovox. Renomirani je proizvođač kablova i adaptera. Chipoteka vam nudi stalke za slušalice, kablove, adaptere, konektore, konvertere, separatore, strujno napajanje, gramofonska pretpojačala, antivibracijsku izolaciju, šiljke s podlošcima, zaštitne kapice, Bluetooth prijemnike i antene marke Oehlbach.

  • OPIS

    Crystal Silver Star SB
    Loudspeaker cable, silver-plated, 2x2.5mm2, with Solution banana connector

    Excellently coordinated loudspeaker cable for connecting AV receivers or amplifiers and loudspeaker boxes. The cable is preassembled with Oehlbach Solution banana connectors to allow convenient connections and guarantee a stable quality of transmission. The sophisticated star-shaped air tubes located in the two conductors and in the central separator deliver two benefits: on the one hand, the cable becomes very stable without loss of flexibility and, on the other, both cable leads have been arranged precisely to the millimetre in relation to each other, which results in outstanding electrical parameters. Which means that air is actually used as the perfect insulator in the Crystal Silver Star. The clever stranding of the 50 individual silver-plated inner conductors, each measuring only 0.254 mm, effectively minimizes the skin effect.

    24- carat gold-plated contacts
    Stereo speaker cable
    Individually stranded wire bundles
    For amplifier performances of up to 140 watts
    Solid full-metal plug
    SPC - silver-plated copper
    Made in Germany

    Special length Also available in individual customised lengths Preassembled with Banana
    Cable geometry Round Plug type Straight
    Inner conductor material SPC/OFC - silver-plate oxygen-free copper Cable sheathing plastic
    Concept Single-Wiring


prozirna , 2,5 m duljina , banana 6 mm