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DJ slušalice profesionalne PIONEER DJE-2000-W White

Osnovne značajke
  • Vrsta: in-ear
  • Povezivanje: 3,5 mm stereo mini jack, 6,35 mm stereo jack, bluetooth
  • Kontrole: -
  • Mikrofon: -
  • Šifra proizvoda: 8074505072
1.499,00 kn u dućanu
1.499,00 kn
Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci Dostava: 5 radnih dana
12 x 124,92 kn | 24 x 66,83 kn
Jednokratno plaćanje:
Internet bankarstvo (virman)
Pouzeće (prilikom preuzimanja)
American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa
Obročno plaćanje:
MasterCard 2-12 rate
Visa Premium 2-10 rata

    Pioneer je međunarodna kompanija specijalizirana za potrošačku elektroniku. Osnovana je 1938. godine u Japanu. Pioneer je predstavio prvi CD player na svijetu. Renomirani je proizvođač profesionalne studijske opreme. Chipoteka vam nudi DJ slušalice, kontrolere, efektore, gramofone, CD playere, zvučnike, stereo receivere, mini linije te auto radio prijamnike marke Pioneer.


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    Professional DJ In-Ear Headphones

    Hybrid 2-way driver for producing clear and more precise audio quality throughout the entire frequency spectrum
    Multiple earphone tips
    Detachable cable with MMCX connector OVERVIEW

    With the clear understanding that DJs have specific audio characteristic requirements and traditionally listen to music differently, paying closer attention to the particular beats of music, Pioneer’s new inner-ear headphones were made for both their leisure music listening and for music preparation while on the go. Both models have unique design features including large high quality 9.4 millimeter drivers, replaceable and detachable cables, and interchangeable earphone tips that dampen external noise.


    The DJE-2000 is designed with a “hybrid” 2-way driver system for producing clear and more precise audio quality throughout the entire frequency spectrum. With the use of rare and powerful magnets for its speakers, the larger 9.4 mm driver located in the back of the earphone produces low bass frequencies with impact, while the front driver efficiently generates critical mid and high frequencies so key instrumental sounds DJs pay close attention to, such as snare drums and cymbals, are more pronounced.


    The flagship model includes three Comply™ foam earphone tips (S/M/L) to provide an extremely comfortable fit as well as reduce unwanted external sounds from entering and interfering with the original music. In addition, the model also includes four silicone tips (XS/S/M/L) and one triple flanged silicone tip to accommodate different sizes of ear canals.


    Pioneer provides a detachable MMCX connector for maximum versatility. The cable is applied with a special textile coating that improves durability and reduces tangling and twisting.


    Designed to be worn over-the-ear for better fit, stability, and comfort.
    Includes carrying case, cleaning brush, and1/4" stereo plug adapter.
    Form/Driver Closed/hybrid driver (BA & dynamic)
    Impedance 30 ?
    Sensitivity 103 dB
    Frequency Response 6 ~ 22,000 Hz
    Maximum Input 500 mW
    Unit Mid/High: balanced armature
    Low:? 9.4mm dome
    Connect Cord OFC litz wire 1.6m (removable)
    Input Connector ? 3.5mm stereo mini plug (gold plate, 2-way, screw)
    Mass 6.1g (cord not included)
    Included Accessories Earphone tips: silicone (XS/S/M/L), Comply™ Tx-500 foam (S/M/L), triple flange (one-size)
    Carry case
    Cleaning brush
    1" stereo plug adapter


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