WELLER TRAFO 200W,USB WX 2 53420699

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  • Weller

    Od siječnja 2017., Weller proizvodi su dostupni po trajno nižim cijenama. Weller je američka kompanija specijalizirana za ručne alate. Na tržištu se pojavila 1952. godine. Weller je renomirani proizvođač uređaja za lemljenje, filtraciju, doziranje itd. Chipoteka vam nudi detektore metala, posude za čišćenje ultrazvukom, adaptere, držače špica, grijače, izolacijske prstene, kablove za regulaciju, lemila, lemne stanice, plinske bočice, vrhove, matice za vrhove, plamenike, setove brtvi, termosenzore, setove za čišćenje, stalke i ventile marke Weller.

  • OPIS

    Weller WX 2 Soldering Station 200 W (240 W) 230 V/50 Hz +50 up to -550 °C

    The WX 2 soldering station combines design with extremely increased power and an intuitive operating concept.
    The extremely high efficiency guarantees a very short heat up time and operation of 200 watt tools or alternative 2 x 120 Watt tools.
    The sturdy and patented control panel of real glass is anti-static as well as resistant to chemical and temperature.
    It is very easy to operate via a rotary click wheel with confirmation button and finger guide, furthermore there are still 6 sensor buttons.

    Multitude of connectivity options:
    The unique tool detection with digital data transmission and insensitivity against interference,
    allow this plug from WX tool to be fixed single handed and easily by means of lock ring.

    Furthermore, there are two ports available for the control of soldering fume suction, pre-heating plates and programmable memory controllers (SPS), temperature, speed and status of connected additional devices are indicated on the WX display.

    A USB port is available for firmware upgrade, configuration and recording via USB Stick as an additional option for connection.

    Intelligent Tools:
    Due to the calibration of iron, calibration of the used soldering station is not required All WX tools have a built-in utilization sensor, a separate iron calibration independent of the base station, a handy measurement format in internal memory that transfers the settings from the iron to a separate base station.

    Optimized, spring-borne sleeve tip with WXP 120:
    Constant contact pressure due to spring-borne / Anti-Static Soft handle / change of tip without tools.

    Power saving sleep mode:
    Automatic standby mode due to utilization sensor in iron handle / No special Stop+Go support required /
    WXP 120 with blue ring light as a status indicator (light off = off, blinking light = Standby or heating process, light on = iron is ready for use) /
    Connected devices such as soldering fume suction and pre-heating plates are also be set to power saving mode.


    Capacitive control panel for intuitive operation
    6 Sensor buttons
    Rotary click wheel with finger navigation
    Real glass touch screen antistatic coated
    Chemical and temperature resistant
    Back lit LC-Display back
    Multifunctional USB port
    WX tool connection
    Multilingual menu

    Included in delivery

    Power supply unit WX 2

    Technical data

    Casing: Safety class I (antistatic)
    Safety: T2 A mains protection
    Temperature accuracy: ± 9 ° C
    Temperature stability: ± 2 °C
    Potential equalisation: 3.5 mm switch jack on the back side of the device
    Casing material: aluminium base with anti-static black coating

    Operating voltage 230 V/50 Hz
    Power 200 W (240 W)
    Temperature range +50 up to -550 °C
    Category Soldering station supply unit

    Max. power 240 W
    Operating voltage 230 Vac
    Min. temperature +50 °C
    Weight 3.2 kg
    Max. temperature +550 °C
    Weight, information
    Display digital
    Width 151 mm
    Height 130 mm
    Length 170 mm