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    Magnat je njemački brand specijaliziran za audio elektroniku. Na tržištu se pojavio prije više od 40 godina te je u vlasništvu američke kompanije Voxx International. Magnat je renomirani proizvođač auto zvučnika i kućnih audio sustava. Chipoteka vam nudi auto zvučnike, auto pojačala, auto subwoofere, profesionalne zvučnike, ugradbene zvučnike, zvučnike za vanjsku upotrebu, samostojeće zvučnike, bookshelf zvučnike, integrirana pojačala, hifi subwoofere, stalke i ostalu dodatnu opremu za zvučnike marke Magnat.

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    Interior ICQ 262
    2 x 2-way high-end recessed speaker

    This built-in ceiling loudspeaker with particularly high-quality workmanship follows all the major parameters of Magnat´s Quantum technology. Just like the classic home-audio boxes, the ICQ 262 has also been equipped with bass/mid-range cones made from highly stable and torsion-resistant ceramic-aluminium. This material results in extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest of acoustic details.

    This special model possesses two angularly disposed tweeters as well as an additional three-way treble level adjustment and, thanks to the dual voice coil and switch, may be used in mono and stereo mode. Cascading also is possible.

    2 x 2 way in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker
    2 x 19 mm tweeter
    160 mm woofer
    Power Handling (RMS / Max.)
    100 / 180 watts
    Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)
    91 dB
    2 x 4 Ohm
    Frequency Response
    34 – 26000 Hz
    Crossover Frequencies
    4.000 Hz
    Recommended Amplifier Output
    20 - 200 Watts
    Outer Dimensions O
    220 mm
    Cutting Out O
    193 mm
    Mounting depth
    98 mm
    1.4 kg