ERSA lemilo 220V/25 W, ERSA-MTIP25

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  • Snaga: 25 W
  • Radni napon: 220/240 V
  • Šifra proizvoda: 4524000101
360,00 kn u dućanu
349,20 kn
Jamstvo: 12 mjeseci Isporučivo: 1 dan
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Internet bankarstvo (virman)
American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro
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American Express 2-10 rata
  • ERSA

    For decades now, Ersa Soldering Tools are the embodiment of quality and reliability. They also stand out on account of their continuous advance in technology. The i-CON soldering stations, for example, possess with the i-TOOL one of the most powerful hand soldering iron (150 W) with exchangeable tip. Consistent Soldering Quality On all professional solder- and desolder tools, the temperature is captured directly at the soldering tip. And only a constant top temperature is the assurance for a constant soldering quality. In other was as well, Ersa soldering stations present its user technological details, which will facilitate and simplify his daily work: Plain text display in the language of the country Motion sensor in the handgrip Standby and sleeping mode Interfaces to peripherals and much more

  • OPIS

    Multitip 25

    ERSA Microsoldering iron

    The ERSA Multitip series covers a wide range of applications. It stands out by its low weight and compact design
    (short distance between soldering tip and the handle´s front part).
    The handle stays relatively cool while soldering.
    The Multitip is available for 15 and 25 W and suitable for both micro-soldering joints and medium-sized soldering, as on distributor strips.
    Long-life and industrially tested PTC heating elements and internally heated soldering tips provide high efficiency and fast heat supply.

    Complete with ERSADUR-Long-life soldering tip (0172BD-1,1mm) and holder (0A18).


Snaga 25 W
Radni napon 220/240 V