Adapter 220V > 110V 300 W

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  • Tip: 220>110 V
  • Ulazni napon: 220 – 240 V
  • Izlazni napon: 110 V
  • Boja uređaja: Crno
  • Izlazna struja: 1.3 A
  • Šifra proizvoda: 8061403001
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  • OPIS

    Excellent portable voltage converter. Converts 220 - 240V AC mains power to 110 - 120V AC 50/60Hz.
    Rated up to 300 Watts. Allows use of US electrical equipment with 2 or 3 pin plugs in Europe. Has fuse protection.
    Not suitable for use with heat producing equipment such as hair straighteners or hair dryers.
    Also, not suitable for most TVs which have a high wattage surge when switched on.
    This is the voltage converter used most often for the X-Box 360 which it is ideal for.

    What it does is convert UK 220 - 240 volts to US 110 - 120 volts.
    The output is pure AC and the voltage converter can be used with all appliances rated 0 - 300W.
    This voltage converter will take US two pin and three pin plugs.

    What Can I Use It With?

    Everything with a rating of 300 Watts or below.
    This would include electric razors, radios, Ghetto blasters, CD players, games consoles, air purifiers, Christmas tree lights,
    nebulisers and some notebook computers and Hi-fis (check rating to be sure).

    Be careful with TVs. They often give a low wattage in the instructions and when the TV is running this wattage will be correct,
    but when TVs turn on they surge and this surge can be many times the running wattage. We recommend a converter of at least 500 Watts for use with TVs.

    Simply plug the voltage converter into a wall socket and plug the US plug into the voltage converter.


    With fuse protection
    Ideal for use of US 110 - 120V two pin appliances in Europe
    Pure AC output
    Cable 1.8m
    Dimensions 190mm x 120mm x 100mm
    Weight 3KG
    Fitted with shuko mains plug


Tip 220>110 V
Ulazni napon 220 – 240 V
Izlazni napon 110 V
Boja uređaja Crno
Izlazna struja 1.3 A