Instrument Fluke i200 S

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    The Fluke i200 can act as a single range current clamp for 200A AC with a current output that can be used with safety shrouded banana plugs.
    It is the perfect companion for a digital multimeter that can measure up to 200A AC voltage.

    This clamp is also completely compatible with most of the multimeters that have been produced by Fluke but it can also be used with a whole
    range of other measurement devices that can accept and connect to shrouded banana plugs.
    You are pretty much guaranteed to get easy readings from your meter with the 1mA per Amp output.

    The nominal current range of this testing equipment is 200A whereas its continuous current range is between 0.5A and 200A.
    It can also detect a maximum non-destructive current of 240A and the lowest possible current that it can measure is 0.5A.

    The accuracy of this device from Fluke is incredibly high, meaning that you always get the best results possible.
    It has a basic accuracy of 1% + 0.5A between 48 and 65 Hz when the percentage is the reading and the A value refers to the floorspec.

    As a guarantee that your device is able to work to the best of its abilities at all times, this Fluke product comes with a CAT III 600V safety rating.
    So you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to your safety when using this device.

    Fluke i200 AC Clamp Adaptor features:

    Companion to a DMM to measure up to 200A AC
    1mA per Amp output guarantees easy reading on your meter
    Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit
    Max conductor size 20mm
    CAT III 600V safety rating


    Nominal current range 200A
    Continuous current range 0.5 A - 200 A
    Maximum Non-Destructive Current 240 A
    Lowest measurable current 0.5 A
    Basic accuracy 1% + 0.5 A (48-65 Hz) (% reading + floorspec)
    Useable frequency 40 Hz - 10 kHz
    Output level(s) 1 mA/A
    Safety CAT IV 600 V,
    Maximum voltage 600 V AC
    Maximum conductor diameter 20 mm
    Maximum conductor size (busbar) 20 x 5 mm
    Output cable length 1.5 m (59 inches)
    Shrouded banana plugs Yes