DAB+ dodatak za MAC AUDIO autoradio (MAC 410 i MAC 420)

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    Mac Audio je njemački brand specijaliziran za audio elektroniku. Na tržištu se pojavio prije više od 35 godina te je u vlasništvu američke kompanije Voxx International. Mac Audio je renomirani proizvođač auto zvučnika. Chipoteka vam nudi auto zvučnike, pojačala i subwoofere marke Mac Audio.

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    DAB+ 200
    The Mac Audio DAB+ 2000 receiver expands the Mac 410 and Mac 420 multimedia receivers by also offering the option to receive digital radio signals, including the storage of up to 30 radio stations. DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A formats are supported, as well as band III and L band. Integrated automatic and manual tuning is included. It goes without saying that PTY search can also be used, where the stations are classified under categories such as music genre, news, etc. The Mac Audio receiver shows the transmitter group, transmitter name as well as additional information on the display of the compatible multimedia receiver and switches over to DAB-RDS when needed. The DAB box comes together with a DAB antenna for optimum reception and its compact size means the module can also be used in the car without any difficulty.



    Supports DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A formats

    Supports Band-III, L-Band

    3 DAB bands

    Memorizes 30 DAB channels

    Broadcasting group search / Service search

    PTY search

    Auto Scan / Service Scan / automatic and manual search function

    TA (Traffic Announcements)

    Displays broadcasting group/station name and info


    DAB antenna included for optimum reception

    Compatible with the multimedia receivers MAC 410/MAC 420