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    Board type universal
    Board varaiant prototyping, solderless
    Board dimensions 160 x 190mm
    Hole diameter 0.8mm
    Number of contacts points 1600
    Soldering pads pitch 2.54mm
    Contact plating nickel plated
    Contact material phosphor bronze
    Hole shape square
    Number of terminals 4

    Features of WISHBOARD WBU-5XX series:
    1.High-class acetal material allows insertion hole to withst and wear and tear without easily deforming,
    also ideal for high frequency and low static.
    2.Horizontal assembly corresponds to the operation flow design of the PC boards for handy operation.
    3.The power distribution strip provides 4 sections of positive voltage terminals handy for using
    different voltage at the same time, also 45 connected tie points for negative circuit..
    4.Exquisitely printed coordinates for easy recognition and calculation.
    5.Easy-on-the eyes color for longer operation without eye fatigue.
    6.Durable base stand aluminum nameplate means no static interference.
    7.The dovetail protrusions and recesses de signed to connect two adjacent boards tightly together (i.e.perfect size
    distance from one board to another) and forming a V-shaped cross-sectional groove which allows DIP IC pins
    inserting across two parts and to increase the rate of utilization.
    8.Insertion Range: 20-29AWG(?0.3-?0.8mm) wire all dip size components acceptable.(special design over 10,000 insertion cycles.)